1. How To Spot A Sucky Editor


    July 2, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    In the literary world, editors have a big job. Or at least they are supposed to. They are responsible for …
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  2. Three Things I Don’t Write, and Three Things I Do


    June 14, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    Jason E. Rolfe recently challenged me to discuss some things I do and don’t write. Of course, when I say …
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  3. Should I Give My Fiction Away for Free?


    May 26, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    Fiction writers can spend countless hours crafting a story. I don’t need to go into the details about the painstaking …
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  4. Finding Sustainable Lit Mags


    May 17, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    As writers, we jump for joy at the news of every acceptance. When the story is published, we rush to …
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  5. Know Why You’re Submitting Your Writing


    May 4, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    While some writers choose to hoard the majority of their work, most prefer to seek publication. I certainly fall into …
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  6. Why You Need a Facebook Author Page


    April 20, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    I’ve heard many authors ask if they really need to create a Facebook author page. As with most things, the …
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  7. 7 Book Marketing Strategies Guaranteed Not to Lead to Sales


    April 12, 2014 by Nathaniel Tower

    So your book just came out. Congratulations. Now the hard work really begins. Here are my guaranteed-not-to-work book marketing strategies. …
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